• Refunds will not be issued 30 days after payment or 60 days before event, whichever occurs first. All eligible refunds will be minus 15% handling fee.
  • All participants MUST create an online profile of their offering on the FLNLF website
  • Load In time is 9:45am and Clean Up should be complete by 6:45pm.
  • Please limit your offering to something specific you specialize in.
  • Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying NY State sales tax and shall display their NY State sales certificate. A copy should be mailed to: Finger Lakes Natural Living Fair 8901 Belcher Rd,  Bloomfield NY 14469
  • Only 1 business (2 people) per vending space. Only display and sale of their own business is allowed. .Any “freelance” sellers will be asked to leave by one  of our volunteers and if found connected with a FLNLF vendor, shall be reported to the park. Penalties for their ‘selling’ will result in high fines not responsible by the organizer.  Your registration implies you are in agreement to this. EACH BUSINESS is requires a registration fee of $115. Promote wisely and respect this event. (Note: Exception – if you are an employer and posses one IRS number for others )
  • Although major marketing efforts are being established for this event to generate crowds, we cannot guarantee a definite number of attendees. We do ask all exhibitors to please advertise your presence at the exposition via your social media networks, word of mouth, or through flyers and postcards provide.
  • Signs: Each participant must display one professional sign with their business name.
  • All services and items must be of Natural and Holistic nature as well as Cruelty Free
  • Skirting: Each participant shall have a black skirting for their table (tables are provided in East, West and Stewart Lodges). Please email for an invoice of $13 for a table skirting by August 10th 2018 if you need one supplied to you.
  • Participants supply their own displays racks, and do their own setup. We will not have volunteers able to assist in your tear up or tear down. your area/table must be wiped clean, all trash is to be taken with you. All tables, chairs  must be placed back as found.
  • Cell phone use are limited to car/parking lot area of event. Please keep ringers off.
  • No flames allowed.
  • Table must be set up and attended from Noon to 5pm and may not start tear down any earlier than 4:45pm.  If you are a speaker, you may leave your table unattended while you speak. 2 per table only unless written approval from FLNLF by August 10th.
  • Participants agree to only sell or distribute their own business literature at their assigned table and nowhere else.
  • Participant is respectful of neighboring vendors and shall keep their area neat and tidy and music to a minimum level.
  • Table and surrounding area is left completely cleaned (table, floor etc). Rented skirting is to be returned to main table in Stewart lodge. Any damages, lost skirting, or need for cleaning, removal of trash will result in an invoice to the participant.
  • No pets (I love animals, but they have made customers nervous in the past).
  • Non-Profits must submit their 501c3 IRS exemption document to FLNLF.


  • Any vendors providing food to the public (donated OR selling OR providing for free), please consult with the Monroe County Health Department to determine if you need to fill out a “Health Department Permit to Operate a Temporary Food Service Establishment.” -If so, fill out the form BY AUGUST 15TH 2018   and submit to the Monroe County Health Department, Food Protection, Room 1020,
    111 Westfall Road, PO Box 92832, Rochester, NY, 14692, 585-753-5553.
    This process typically excludes pre-packaged, sealed, individually-wrapped, or single-serving items like bottled water, pop, bags of chips, granola bars, etc. The Parks Department defers to the Health Department on all food-related matters. -You can apply to waive the associated fee by submitting the “Health Department Fee Waiver” to the Monroe County Health Dept. as well.
    -Once you obtain your Monroe County Health Department Permit, please submit, a copy to the Monroe County Parks Department via e-mail, fax 585-753-7284, US Mail, or in person at 171 Reservoir Ave, Rochester, NY 14620 and forward one to


Vendor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Sandy Hicks, Finger Lakes natural Living Fair, Mendon Ponds Park, Grounded by Yoga LLC and all affiliates, its agents, officers and employees from and against any and all liability, expense, including defense costs and legal fees, and claims for damages of any nature whatsoever arising from or connected with Vendor’s operations, goods and/or commodities or services provided hereunder. This indemnity shall include, but not be limited to, claims for or by reason of any actual or alleged infringement of any United States patent or copyright or any actual or alleged trade secret


  • Black table skirting required. Email us by August 1oth 2018 if you need one supplied ($13)
  • Sales tax certificate must be displayed if selling products. This is a NYS law.

Questions can be directed to 585-861-9642 Monday – Friday (feel free to try weekends!)

Submission of payment and/or profile and initials indicate you agree to abide by the above policies and procedures. This form is binding and represent the terms of the contract.