About the Founder of Finger Lakes Natural Living Fair

Finger Lakes Natural Living Fair is the first 100% all-natural and cruelty free healing fair in the area.
I began this Fair over 10 years ago. I asked myself “Why do I have to travel to another state to attend such events? I suppose I’ll do one”. The first few events were held at my home in West Bloomfield and was by invite only. The feedback was precious! I then set foot to every park in the area to see what space offered greatest energy, facilities and layout.
FLNLF was first held at Onanda Park until we outgrew the space. I love that park dearly but it was time for change. Mendon Ponds is beautiful in the fall and has several covered facilities and open-air facilities. This was the new spot! Mendon is one of those areas that sits on the edge of 2 counties.
Cobblestone will host body-workers and offer some quietness; Stewart Lodge and East Lodge are both covered facilities and will offer product, sample and information tables a well as our food station; West Lodge will be reserved for indoor speakers/events (should it rain); and the 2 open-air pavilions will host classes, speakers, entertainment.
All the facilities are within walking distance for those that enjoy a nice park walk or you may drive to each. Plenty of parking and clean bathroom facilities!
When we live naturally, we see things differently. When we see things differently, we heal. We are fragmented through the idea of separation (from ourselves, from divine light, from all beings….through compassion we are delivered peace…may we see all as one. ~Saraja

Sandy Hicks, Founder Finger Lakes Natural Living Fair