Crystal Healing with Brooke White

Crystal Healing

All crystals carry a vibration and energy unique to them. Their energy can be used for healing and aligning of the chakras. As a crystal healer, I will intuitively select and place crystals on your body in correspondence with the chakras as you lay in a relaxed/meditative state of being. The crystals will interact with your being and work to remove any stuck energy that no longer serves your purpose, heal imbalances, and infuse you with their positive light energy.  In addition, laying of the hands can be done to the body if desired in order to further enhance the flow of energy. Spirits who align with the highest and the best ( angels, nature spirits, animal spirits, spirit guides, etc.) are called upon for assistance during these healings. I will be offering 20 minute sample healings for $20 each or a full 45 minute session and a crystal of your choice to take home for $50. Children under the age of 10 are eligible for a free 5-10 minute healing.

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Cobblestone House

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