Forest Immersion Walk

Naturally restorative walk led by certified guides

Need a digital detox? Craving an easy, almost effortless path to calm and inspiration? Forest bathing -aka Shinrin-Yoku –  is a simple but scientifically proven practice for quickly boosting our mental, physical and emotional health…fully clothed! Through playful invitations that engage all 12 of our (known) senses, we bathe in the atmosphere of the forest and receive peace, support and guidance from the beings who call it home. All of our ancestors lived in the forest; it’s in our DNA. After millennia of connection, it’s only in the last century that we have lost so much of this knowing. An epidemic of stress-related disease and environmental crises has ensued. Join us for a 1-hour walk back to connection, to the medicine of the forest…song birds, cool shade, warm sun, and the magical energy of Mendon Ponds Park await.

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East Lodge

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