There are no incurable diseases

Bruno Groening (1906-1959) was born in Germany and had the ability to receive and transmit natural divine healing energy. He reminded people how to receive this life force for self and others. Thousands of people were healed of problems deemed incurable during his lifetime and thousands more since he passed. What is different about this healing practice is 1) healings are documented by medical professionals and 2) everything is free: No one is paid, and the organization operates from donations only.

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About Nanci De Leo: 
Rev. Nanci DeLeo was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Groening and joined the Circle of Friends in May of 2010. She has been leading Community #3 in the Rochester, NY area since 2011 and has been the Inner Circle Leader for the Rochester/Buffalo area also now since 2015

Nanci is a spiritually-based minister, recognizing all faiths and all people as One. She also works as a Certified Celebrant doing memorial services, is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, a Spiritual Teacher, a Grief Counselor and has certifications in multiple spiritual and healing modalities. 

About Luc Watelet

Rev. Luc Watelet was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Groening and been practicing his teachings since November 2002. He started leading a community in Rochester, NY, in 2006. Now, we have 3 communities in Rochester.

Luc has a PhD in Biostatistics and a Masters degree in Mental health Counseling. He is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and has studied and practiced several healing traditions.

Luc is the author of Off Script Therapy: When You Are Off Script and I Am Off Script, We Are Alive to Each Other.

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