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Rhythm is what forms our Universe and gives it Life.  Since the dawn of time, whether found in Music or Nature, Rhythms have touched our emotions, brought us great joy and healed us.  The need for Rhythm is innate – we seek it out and react deeply to it.  Response to Rhythm is basic to human functioning.

*MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE!*  Drum Circle with Sue Spencer

Open to All ~ No previous experience is needed

A variety of Drums and other Percussion Instruments will be provided!

(Bring your own if you like!)

 *If you have a Heartbeat, you have Rhythm to share*

Come share your Beats and blend your Vibrations with others Connect, while you Express and Discover Yourself!

Come balance and synchronize the Rhythms of your Body, Mind and Spirit through Drumming!

Since People first began to walk this World they have used Drums to Connect, to Celebrate, to Give Thanks, to Express their Feelings, and to Heal…  We are still Beings of Rhythm and part of a Universe composed by Vibrations!

“The goal of Life is to make your Heartbeat match the Beat of the Universe, to match your nature with Nature.”   ~ Joseph Campbell

 *Come and Drum!* Observe or hop on it at anytime! (time of session will be posted in July)

 Sue Spencer has been facilitating Drumming and Movement Programs

through her endeavor

*Make A Joyful Noise!*

for more than 20 years.

Her mission is to provide opportunities, support, and encouragement to

People of all ages and abilities, from infants on up!, so they may experience the Joys and Benefits of Drumming!



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